Grenade Launchers

40 mm UBGL-1

Grenade Launchers

40 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launcher UBGL-1

NSN: 1010-50-001-0264

The 40 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launcher UBGL-1 is a single shot launcher, intended for use with assault rifles, for destruction of single or group targets of enemy’s manpower in an open area, in trenches and light shelters of field type, as well as reverse slopes.

Main Features:
  • Add-on launcher;
  • Flat or curved trajectory fire;
  • Muzzle loading;
  • Ammunition - rounds of case-less type.
Suitable for attaching to AK-47, AKS-47 and ARSENAL AR, AR-F
AR-1, AR-1F, AR-M2F, AR-M8FB, AR-M52TB, etc. (by means of adapter)
Calibre, mm 40
Ammunition RLV-HEF, RLV-HEFJ, RLV-TB, RLV-AD, RLV-P, RLV-ILL-WS, RLV-SMK, RLV-S&F, RLV-CS, etc. and all caseless rounds for GP-25
Maximum range, mm 400
Muzzle velocity, m/s 76
Weight, kg 2.1
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min From 5 to 6
Overall length, mm 333x76x170 - on curved-trajectory fire
333x78x137 - on flat-trajectory fire
System life, rounds 400
Receiver Cover latch unit 1
Butt plate with sling 1
Bag for launcher 1
Bag for 10 grenades 1
Brush 1
Set of group SPTA for 18 launchers 1
Quantity of the weapons in one
wooden case, pcs.
Gross weight, kg 100
Case dimensions, mm 1270x572x387
Volume, m3 0.28