Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm UBGL-M10

Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launcher UBGL-M10

The 40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launcher UBGL-M10 is a powerful, close support, single shot weapon of add-on type. It is designed to be attached to Assault Rifles SIG 516 of models SQB, PATROL, etc. via the Picatinny rail fixed on the Rifle Aluminum Lower Handguard.

The Grenade Launcher consists of riffled Barrel, Body with Trigger-firing mechanism and a mechanical Sight attachable to the Picatinny rail fixed on the right-side of Rifle Lower Handguard. The Sight is notched and marked for 50, 100, 150 … up to 400 m firing distance.

Loading of the Launcher is performed manually, after unlocking and forward movement of the Barrel, as at that forward movement of the barrel, extraction of the empty case from the previous shot is performed.
Arming of the Trigger-firing mechanism is performed automatically at the time of the forward movement of the Barrel.

Trigger Lever is situated on the left side of the Launcher, which makes possible the firing of Launcher without moving the gunner’s hand from the Rifle’s handle.   

The UBGL-M10 is intended to fire different types of low velocity Rounds of NATO caliber
40x46 mm with length up to 170 mm.

Main Features:
  • Add-on launcher;
  • Flat or curved trajectory fire;
  • Chamber loading;
  • Ammunition - low velocity grenades caliber 40x46 mm with length up to 170 mm;
Calibre, mm 40x46

Arsenal JSCo. production:


Other manufacturers: M 406 type and all types 40x46 mm low velocity grenades with length up to 170 mm

Max firing range, m

Effective range at area targets, m

Effective range at point targets, m

up to 400

up to 350

up to 150
Muzzle velocity of the fired grenade, m/s 76
Rate of fire, rounds/min not less than 5
Overall length, mm 345
Effective range at point targets, m Up to 150
Overall length, mm 357
Barrel length, mm 250
Weight of Grenade Launcher, kg 1.250
Weight of Sight, kg 0.245
Barrel life, rounds 1000
Bag for grenade launcher, pcs. 1
Bag for rounds, pcs. 1
Brush, pc. 1
Drift, pc. 1
Wooden case

- Grenade launchers & Mechanical Sight, pcs.
- Group SPTA set for 18 launchers(1:18), set

18 each
- Accessories, set 18
Case dimensions, mm 1270 x 572 x 387
Gross weight of wooden case, kg 82
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.28