Rounds for Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm RLV-HEF-1

Rounds for Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm Round RLV-HEF-1 with HE Fragmentation Grenade

NSN: 1310-50-001-3282

The RLV-HEF-1 provide effective action against enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at distances from 40 m to 400 m.

The rounds are are compatible with:

Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UBGL-M6, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; FN GL1; HK269; AG36, etc.;

- Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UGGL-M1, HK169; HK269; FN GL-S; M320; etc.;

- Multi-shot Grenade Launchers: Milkor MGL; M32 MGL; ARSENAL MSGL; etc. 


Type Low Velocity, High Explosive Fragmentation
Caliber, mm 40x46
Overall length, mm 102.5 max
Weight of Round, kg 0.230 max
Weight of Grenade, kg 0.180
Explosive filling A-IX-1 (RDX)
Weight of the explosive filling, kg 0.038
Cartridge case material Aluminum alloy
Primer type Percussion, Boxer
Propellant charge Double base powder
Fuze AF411 - point detonating, with time and super-quick and check action and self-destruction
Arming Distance, m from 9 to 28
Self-Destruction Time, s from 14 to 19
Details of arming function 3 steps of safety
Muzzle Velocity, m/s 76
Max firing range, m 400
Radius of defeat, m from 5 to 6
Operation Temperature Range, °C from minus 43 to 52
3 metal airtight boxes (40 pcs. in each box), placed in a wooden case (120 pcs. totally)
Case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Case weight, kg 45
Case volume, m3 0.072