Assault Rifles

5.56 x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm AR-M5F41

Assault Rifles

5.56x45 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifle AR-M5F41 with folding butt


7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifle AR-M5F41 with folding butt

NSN: 1005-50-001-4432

The 7.62 mm AR-M5F41 is a highly effective automatic weapon, used as armament of combat crews, reconnoitring detachments, special antiterrorist and police troops, and security services.

Main Features:
  • Gas operated automatic rifle.
  • Cold radial hammer forged barrel built on Steyr manufacturing technology for increased hardness and better structure of the material
  • Hard chrome plated barrel bore and chamber
  • FRP (fiber-glass reinforced polycaproamide) pistol grip, handguargds and magazine - heat/cold resistant with antiglare matte finish
  • MIL-STD (1913) Picatinny rails integrated on three sides of the lower handguard (at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions)
  • MIL-STD (1913) Picatinny rail with 195 mm length over the receiver to accommodate any variety of scopes
  • Ambidextrous Safety Lever for rapid fire mode change
  • Right-side folding tubular steel enforced buttstock with a quick release/lock mechanism
  • Self-illuminated Tritium sights for faster target acquisition at low-light conditions (optional)
  • Provision for attachment of various Under Barrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL), such as 40x46mm Arsenal UBGL-M6, 40x46mm Arsenal UBGL-M8 and 40 mm ARSENAL UBGL-1 Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, and firing with them .
Optional Extras (Paid Separately):
  • Front sight adjusting kit (in the ratio 1:10);
  • Black polymer magazine 40 cartridges;
  • Set for magazines coupling;
  • Blank fire attachment;
  • Knife scissors;
  • Front hand grip;
  • Silencer.
Calibre, mm 5.56 7.62
Cartridge, mm 5.56x45 7.62x39
Fire mode single and automatic single and automatic
Rate of fire, rounds/min 600 600
Practical rate    
   - automatic fire, rounds/min up to 100 up to 100
   - single fire, rounds/min up to 40 up to 40

Muzzle velocity, m/s 

-bullet type M193
-bullet type SS109

Sighting range, m 800  800
Maximum firing range, m 1350 1350
Effective firing range, m 500 400
Magazine capacity, rounds 30 30
Barrel length, mm 415 415
Sight radius, mm 378 378
Overall length, mm 930  930
- with folded butt in travelling position 720 720
Weight, kg    
- rifle without magazine 4.0 3.76
- loaded magazine, kg 0.58 0.72
Principle of function gas operated gas operated automatic rifle
System life, rounds 15 000 15 000
Cleaning rod

Magazine  4 pcs

7.62x39 mm


Cleaning rod extender Oil can
Bag for 4 magazines
Box with accessories (brush, drift, slush brush, screwdriver,scourer)  
Number of rifles in one wooden case, pcs. 10
Case dimensions, mm 1 380 x 572x 387
Weight of the wooden case, kg 87
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.31