Mortar Bombs

60 mm ILL60

Mortar Bombs

60 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 60

NSN: 1310-50-001-4191

NSN: 1310-50-001-4190

The 60 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 60 is intended for artificial illumination of the target area for the purposes of reconnaissance, firing, supporting the fire of the anti-tank means, and for performance of other tactical actions on the battlefield.


The payload of the bomb is a movable illuminating system consisting of a parachute system and an illuminating flare.

After the ejection of the illuminating system over the target, flare descent is smooth and slow due to the parachute system, and its spiral motion provides maximum illuminating effect during the whole time of flare burning.



Weapon compatibility:

The 60 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 60 can be fired from the following 60 mm Mortars of NATO Standard – such as M2 and M19, COMMANDO Mortar M60CMA, M60MA, BRANDT model 35, Tampella, Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt Commando, MO-60-63, M-57, M95, M6H and M6C Hirtenberger, etc. 

The Mortar Bombs can be fuzed with AF612 or MTSQ DM 93-2.


It is absolutely prohibited to fire any type of Mortar Bombs with bigger than 2nd increment charge from 60 mm Commando Mortars.


Do not fire the ILL 60MA with Ignition Cartridge only.



Body material Aluminium alloys
Length of fuzed Mortar Bomb, mm 475MTSQ DM 93-2/472(AF612)
Flight Weight of Mortar Bomb, kg 1.9
Payload Illuminating pyrotechnical composition with parachute
Illumination power, cd 350 000
Average flare burning time, s 35
Fuze AF612 (Pyrotechnic
Time Super Quick) or MTSQ DM 93-2 (Mechanical Time
Super Quick)

Maximum Pressure, bar (piezo)

-640 mm barrel Commando

-640 mam barrel

-1000 mm barrel




Maximum Range, m 3860
Maximum Muzzle Velocity, m/s 249
Full variable Propellant Charge from 1+5

One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 5 pcs. Increment charges is packed in a Container;

11 pcs. Containers are arranged in a wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm 600 x 325 x 260
Wooden case weight, kg 34
Wooden case volume, m3 0.051


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