GH S&F-13


Sound & Flash Hand Grenade GH S&F-13

NSN: 1330-50-000-1357

Sound & Flash Hand Grenades are used by Law Enforcement Forces, Police and Special Forces to incapacitate criminals, handle hostage situations, assist counter terrorist operations, as well as, operations for order restoration.

In enclosed spaces the GH S&F-13 is thrown in the vicinity of rioters, and the 8-10 loud reports, which simulate

bursts of fire, will cause temporary disorientation.

These grenades do not causes physiological damages, non-lethal.

Body diameter, mm 51
Grenade body material aluminium
Height with fuse AF14 (FID-1), mm 120 max
Weight, g 173 max
Time of delayed action after pulling
the arming pin and releasing the handle, s
from 1.5 to 2.3
Number of automatic firing elements, pcs. 12 or 13
Effect of the explosion 8-10 loud reports simulating
bursts of fire
Operational temperature range, °C from minus 20 to 50
CLASS OF EXPLOSION HAZARD:                         1.3G, UN 0488          
  20 pcs. Grenades in an airtight metal box
3 pcs. metal box in a wooden case
Total 60 Grenades in 1 wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Wooden case gross weight, kg 25.6
Wooden case volume, m3 0.072