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About Arsenal 2000

ARSENAL JSCo - Kazanlak is a distinguished multi-functional infra-structural Company with leading positions in the National Economics and with great experience in design, manufacturing, engineering and trade in military and civilian products.


ARSENAL JSCo was founded in 1878 in Rousse as the first factory meant to serve the newly created Bulgarian Army.

In 1924 due to some strategic considerations the factory was transferred to Kazanlak.




Ownership: - 100% private



Employees – over 10000

Technical personnel - over 1200


Territory and buildings: Overall area - 7 km2; Built area - 412 510 m2

Nomenclature: over 10 000 different products

Current Markets: over 120 countries

Line of business:

-     Design, manufacturing and trade in small arms and artillery armaments, ammunition, primers, powders, charges, pyrotechnic products, hunting and sport weapons and ammunition, cemented carbide tools, tips and inserts, casting, forging etc.;

-     Engineering activity.

Our Company performs an energetic innovation activity, as well as modernization of the military products.

Development, production and submission of the new and modernized articles are performed without termination of submission of the well-known articles.

The engineering activity of ARSENAL JSCo started in 1987. The Engineering Department performs transfer of know-how, helps a Customer to manufacture weapons and ammunition, installs workshops and tests equipment in the Customer`s country, trains its personnel, performs quality control and gives any necessary technical assistance.

During that period numerous Contracts have been concluded with companies all over the world for:

-         Factories for production of anti-aircraft systems, grenade launchers,  ammunition, etc.;

-         Workshops for assembly of assault rifles, machine guns, ammunition for them, etc.;

-         Workshops for electroplating and heat treatment;

-         Workshops for forging-pressing processing;

-         Lines for electro-mechanical machining;

-         Lines for deep-hole drilling of work pieces;

-         Test ranges for small arms;

-         Workshops for production of special tooling, etc.


ARSENAL JSCo has a structured Quality Management System applicable for design and production of armaments, ammunition and their components in accordance with the requirements of NATO Publication- AQAP 2110. This Quality Management System is approved and certified by the Ministry of Defence, Certificate SK No 131/2017.

Performing  a close cycle of production – from the raw material up to the finished product and its full completion, our Company produces, as follows:

Small arms and artillery systems


-        9x18 mm and 9x19 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine Guns SMG;

-        5.56x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifles

-        5.56x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Light Machine Guns;

-        7.62x51 mm and 7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Guns;

-        23x152 mm Air Defence Systems (for Land forces and Navy)

-        40 mm ARSENAL Multi-shot Grenade Launcher - revolver type;

-        40x46 mm ARSENAL Multi-shot Grenade Launchers- revolver type;

-        40x46 mm ARSENAL Stand-alone Grenade Launchers;

-        40 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers;

-        40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers;

-        60 mm, 81 mm and 82 mm Mortars;

-        Light Anti-tank Grenade Launchers;

-        Heavy Anti-tank Grenade Launchers.


Ammunition and its components


-        5.56x45 mm; 7.62x39 mm; 7.62x51 mm; 7.62x54 mm; 9x18 mm; 9x19 mm Cartridges;

-        23x115 mm; 23x152 mm; 30x165 mm Rounds;

-        30x29 mm High Velocity Rounds;

-        40 mm and 40x46 mm Low Velocity Rounds (High-explosive Fragmentation, Dual Purpoce, Anti-Diver, Thermobaric, Sound & Flash, Illuminating, Smoke, Signal, with Irritant action);

-        40 mm Rounds  for Light Anti-tank Grenade Launchers (Anti-tank,  High-explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel, Thermobaric, Illuminating, Smoke);

-        73 mm Rounds for Heavy Anti-tank Grenade Launchers (Anti-tank, High-explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel, Thermobaric);

-        60 mm Mortar Bombs (High-explosive Fragmentation, Thermobaric, Illuminating, Smoke, PRACT);

-        81 mm Mortar Bombs (High-explosive Fragmentation, Thermobaric, Illuminating, Smoke, PRACT);

-        82 mm Mortar Bombs (High-explosive Fragmentation, Illuminating, Smoke, PRACT);

-        120 mm Mortar Bombs (High-explosive Fragmentation, PRACT);

-        80 mm Unguided Aviation Rocket ARS-8KOM;

-        Hand Grenades: Offensive; Defensive; Thermobaric; Smoke; Sound & Flash; with Irritant action;

-        Fuzes; Percussion primers; Powders; Charges.

-        Pyrotechnic military products.


Arsenal JSCo is officially licensed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for trade in Military Equipment.

As an export company possessing wide trade experience, ARSENAL JSCo manufactures high quality and competitive products. More than 90% of the production is exported all over the world.