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40 mm Round with Thermobaric Grenade RLV-TB

The RLV-TB round is intended for combined destruction, both by air-blast and thermal emission:
- of the enemy manpower and equipment located mainly in different types shelters and covered areas, and in the open, as well as
- of light armoured and unarmoured vehicles.

The 40 mm Round RLV-TB consists of a Thermobaric Grenade with AF41 fuze and Propellant charge CP-41.

The Propellant charge CP-41 serves to transfer the required initial velocity of the grenade and to ensure the stability of its flight.

At a safe distance – 10m, after the grenade has left the barrel, the fuze gets armed.

Upon meeting a barrier, the fuze AF41 gets activated and initiates the bursting charge which, in its turn, disperses the thermobaric composition TBC-2.
The thermobaric composition TBC-2 interacts with the oxygen from the air; an air-fuel mixture is generated which detonates from the bursting charge. A zone characterized with increased pressure and temperature is created in the area.

The ammunition is designed for use with 40 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launcher UBGL-1 and its modifications, as well as Underbarrel Grenade Launchers GP-25, GP-30 and GP-34.