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7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Semi-automatic Hunting Rifle SAR-M9F
with folding butt



The 7.62x39 mm SAR-M9F is a highly effective semi-automatic rifle designed for hunting and competition shooting, belongs to the weapons whose action is based on the principle of conveying a part of the powder gases through a special port in the wall of the stationary barrel and their influence onto the bolt carrier.
The barrel is closed by turn of the bolt and engaging the firing stops in the receiver.
The receiver is made from hot die forged solid blank followed by milling operations.
The weapon is fed from a 5-round arcuated staggered magazine, manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide black polymer.  
The sight consists of sectors marked for shooting at a distance of up to 800 m.
The bullet has a lethal range of 1350 m.
The lower hand guard, the upper hand guard and the pistol grip are made from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide.
7.62 mm SAR-M9F has metal side folding butt.
Each weapon is equipped with carrying plate for night or optical sight.
The weapon has also an additional left fire selector lever.


  • luminous spots on the sights;
  • front sight adjusting kit;
  • blank fire attachment;
  • knife – scissors;
  • operation sling.