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73 mm Round RHEF-9MA with
High-Explosive Fragmentation Grenade GHEF-9MA

(Imroved, modernized version of High-explosive Anti-personnel Rounds for SPG-9)



The 73 mm Round RHEF-9MA is powerful ammunition designed for destroying enemy troops and fire means in the open, in trenches, in hasty field shelters or brick-wall fortifications, light armoured vehicles and the infantry.
Providing enormous destructive power, this round is perfect especially against terrorists hiding in caves.
Used with 73 mm ARSENAL Antitank Grenade Launchers of ATGL-H family and Russian SPG-9, the round characterizes with high accuracy, low dispersion and huge destructive power.

The Round RHEF-9MA consists of High-explosive Grenade GHEF-9MA and Propellant Charge CP-92.
The Grenade GHEF-9MA is equipped with warhead and bursting charge of powerful explosive mixture of high-explosive or high-explosive incendiary action (at the customer's request).
The round is completed with point-detonating fuze AF71 with super-quick and graze (anti-ricochet) function, independent of impact angle.

Before firing, take out the CP-92 from the plastic container and screw it on the Grenade.
When the round is fired, the CP-92 gets activated, the pressure of its powder gases creates the required initial velocity of the Grenade, and the Stabilizer ensures its stable flight to the target.
Upon impact, the point-detonating fuze gets activated, which in its turn, actuates the bursting charge of the grenade. At the time of grenade detonation, the fragments fly away, capable to defeat the enemy manpower.