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40x46 mm Round RLV-AD with Anti-Diver

The 40x46 mm RLV-AD is in-water operation round and intended for protection of ships and harbors  against emeny’s  diver, at distance up to 400 m.
The rounds are designed to be fired from:
- Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UBGL-M6, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; HK 69; etc.;
- Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UGGL-M1, HK 69A1; M 79; STAR FN SCAR; M320; etc.;

The Grenade has a fuze with distant arming, delay action and self destruction. Upon impact to the water, the fuze initiates the grenade at depth about 5 m. The explosion of the highly explosive composition creates defeat effect within 30 m radius and shock disorientation up to 100 m.