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Our History

1. Company name: ARSENAL JSCompany

ARSENAL JSCo. - Kazanlak is a distinguished multi-functional infra-structural Company with leading positions in the National Economics and with great experience in design, manufacturing, engineering and trade in military and civilian products.

ARSENAL JSCo. was founded in 1878 in Rousse as the first factory meant to serve the newly created Bulgarian Army.
In 1924 due to some strategic considerations the factory was transferred to Kazanlak by the law of the National Assembly and was given the name of State Military Works for production of cartridges and repair of all military equipment for the needs of the Army.

Nowadays, the activities of ARSENAL JSCo. are:

  • design, manufacturing and trade in small arms and artillery armaments, ammunition, primers, powders, charges, pyrotechnic products, hunting and sport weapons and ammunition, cemented carbide tools, tips and inserts, universal milling machines, CNC milling machines, drilling machines, casting, forging etc.;
  • engineering activity.

Our Company performs an energetic innovation activity, as well as modernization of the military products.
Development, production and submission of the new and modernized articles are performed without termination of submission of the well-known articles.

The engineering activity of ARSENAL JSCo started in 1987. The Engineering Department performs transfer of know-how, helps a Customer to manufacture weapons and ammunition, installs workshops and tests equipment in the Customer`s country, trains its personnel, performs quality control and gives any necessary technical assistance.
During that period numerous Contracts have been concluded with companies all over the world for:

  • Factories for production of anti-aircraft systems, grenade launchers,   ammunition, etc.;
  • Workshops for assembly of assault rifles, machine guns, ammunition for them, etc.;
  • Workshops for electroplating and heat treatment;
  • Workshops for forging-pressing processing;
  • Lines for electro-mechanical machining;
  • Lines for deep-hole drilling of work pieces;
  • Test ranges for small arms;
  • Workshops for production of special tooling, etc.

ARSENAL JSCo. has a structured Quality Management System applicable for design and production of armaments, ammunition and their components in accordance with the requirements of NATO Publication- AQAP 2110.
This Quality Management System is approved and certified by the Ministry of Defence, Certificate SK No 052/2013.

According to the requirements of ISO 9001, ARSENAL JSCo. has structured Quality Management System for design, manufacturing, delivery and service of Milling Machines, Column Drilling Machines, CNC Milling Machines, Machining Centres, Special Purpose Machines in accordance with Customer’s specification and accessories. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) with Certificate   No. SOF170183, issued at 30th August 2000 has approved and certified this Quality Management System.

2. Company address:   100, Rozova Dolina Str.,
6100 Kazanlak, BULGARIA
- Tel.:  +359/431/50 000
+359/431/63 740

- Fax:  +359/431/50 001

           +359/431/63 783

3. General Director: Nikolay Ibushev

4. Territory and buildings

  • Overall area – 7044267 m2;
  • Built area – 412510 m2

5. Number of employees - over 7500

6. Performing  a close cycle of production – from the raw material up to the finished product and its full completion, our Company produces, as follows:

6.1. Small arms and artillery systems

  • 9x19 mm ARSENAL Pistol P-M02 Compact;
  • 9x18, 9x19 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine Guns SMG;
  • 5.56x45 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-SF, AR-M4SF, AR-M2F,AR-M2FTB, AR-M1, AR-M1F,  AR-M7F, AR-M7FT,AR-M7SFT, AR-M8F, AR-M9, AR-M9F, AR-M11F, AR- M12F, etc.
  • 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR, AR-F, AR-SF, AR-M4SF, AR-M2F,

     AR-M1, AR-M1F, AR-M7F, AR-M7FT, AR-M8F, AR-M9, AR-M9F, AR-M11FAR-M12F,
AR-M1F41, etc.

  • 5.56x45 mm ARSENAL Light Machine Guns LMG, LMG –F;
  • 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Light Machine Guns LMG, LMG –F;
  • 7.62x51 mm ARSENAL Machine Guns MG, MG-M1, MG-1M, MG-M1S,

     MG-1MS, MG-T, MG-1MN, MG-1MV;

  • 7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Guns MG, MG-M1, MG-1M, MG-M1S,

     MG-1MS, MG-T, MG-1MN, MG-1MV;

  • 23x152 mm Air Defence Systems ADS and ADS-N (for Land forces and Navy)
  • 40 mm AVALANCHE Multi-shot Grenade Launcher - revolver type MSGL;
  • 40x46 mm ARSENAL Multi-shot Grenade Launcher MSGL;
  • 40x46 mm ARSENAL Stand-alone Grenade Launcher UGGL-M1;
  • 40 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers UBGL, UBGL-1;
  • 40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers UBGL-M6, UBGL-M8;
  • 40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers UBGL-M16 and UBGL-M7
  • 60 mm Mortar M60;
  • 60 mm Commando Mortar M60C;
  • 81 mm Mortar M81;
  • Light Anti-tank Grenade Launchers ATGL-L, ATGL-L1, ATGL-L2, ATGL-L3,


  • Heavy Anti-tank Grenade Launchers ATGL-H, ATGL-H1, ATGL-H2, ATGL-H3.
    • Ammunition and its components
  • 5.56x45 mm Cartridges (SS109,  M193, tracer bullet, blank);
  • 7.62x39 mm Cartridges (with steel core bullet, lead core bullet, tracer bullet, blank);
  • 7.62x51 mm Cartridges (with steel core bullet, lead core bullet, tracer bullet, blank);
  • 7.62x54 mm Cartridges (with steel core bullet, lead core bullet, tracer bullet, blank);
  • 9x18 mm Cartridges;  
  • 9x19 mm PARABELLUM Cartridges
  • 23x115 mm Rounds (with API, HEI, AP-T, HEI-TP projectiles);
  • 23x152 mm Rounds (with API-T, API, AP-T, HEI-T, HEI, TPT projectiles);
  • 30x165 mm Rounds (with AP, AP-T, API-T, HEI, HE-T, projectiles) for 2A42, 2A72, 2A38 Guns;
  • 30x165 mm Rounds (with AP-T, HEI, HEI-T, HE-T projectiles) for GSh-30 Guns Family;
  • 30x165 mm Rounds (with HEI and HEI-T projectiles) for AK-630;
  • 30 mm Round RHV-HEF with high-explosive fragmentation grenade;
  • 30 mm Round RHV-TP with target practice Grenade;
  • 40 mm Rounds RLV-F, RLV-FM with fragmentation Grenade;
  • 40 mm Rounds RLV-FJ, RLV-FJM with fragmentation jump Grenade;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-TB with thermobaric Grenade;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-AD with Anti-Diver Grenade;
  • 40 mm Practice Round RP;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-SMK with smoke Grenade;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-ILL-WS with illuminating Grenade;
  • 40 mm Round RLV- S&F with Sound & Flash Grenade;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-CS-1, RLV-CS-2 with Grenade with CS composition;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-CS with Grenade with CS agent;
  • 40 mm Round RLV-CS-M with Grenade with CS agent;
  • 40x46 mm  Round RLV-F with fragmentation Grenade;
  • 40x46 mm  Round RLV-FJ with fragmentation jump grenade;
  • 40x46 mm Round RLV-HEDP with high explosive dual purpose Grenade;
  • 40x46 mm Round RLV-TB with thermobaric Grenade;
  • 40 x 46 mm Round RLV- AD with Anti-Diver Grenade;
  • 40x46 mm  Round RLV-S&F with sound and flash grenade;
  • 40x46 mm Rounds RLV-CS, RLV-CS-2, RLV-CS-3 with Grenade with CS composition;
  • 40x46 mm Round RLV-3RB with 3 Rubber Batons;
  • 40x46 mm  Round RLV-SMK with smoke grenade;
  • 40×46 mm Round RLV-SMK-2 with Smoke Grenade;
  • 40×46 mm Round RLV-SMK-O with Smoke Grenade;
  • 40x46 mm  Round with signalling grenade RLV-WS, RLV-GS, RLV-RS, RLV-YS;
  • 40x46 mm  Round with illuminating grenade RLV-ILL-YS;
  • 40x46 mm Round with Target Practice grenade RLV-TPM;
  • 40 mm Round RF-7MA with improved  Fragmentation Grenade GF-7MA;
  • 40/73 mm Round RHEAT-7MA  with Anti-tank Grenade GHEAT-7MA;
  • 40/90 mm Round RHEAT-7MA1 with Anti-tank Grenade GHEAT-7MA1;
  • 40/65 mm Round RHEF-7LDMA with High-Explosive Fragmentation Long   Distance Grenade GHEF-7LDMA;
  • 40/73 mm Round RHEF-7MA with  High-explosive fragmentation Grenade


  • 40/106 mm Round RTB-7MA with Thermobaric Grenade GTB-7MA;
  • 73 mm Round RHEF-9MA with High-explosive Fragmentation GrenadeGHEF-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RHEF-9MA1 with High-explosive Fragmentation Grenade  Anti-personnel Grenade GHEF-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RHEAT-9MA with High-Explosive Anti-Tank Grenade GHEAT-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RTB-9MA with Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RHEF-15MA with High-explosive Fragmentation Grenade GHEF-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RHEF-15MA1 with High-explosive Fragmentation Grenade GHEF-9MA1;
  • 73 mm Round RHEAT-15MA with High-Explosive Anti-Tank Grenade GHEAT-9MA;
  • 73 mm Round RTB-15MA with Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA;
  • 60 mm Mortar Bombs HE60, HE 60LD, TB60, PRACT 60, PRACT 60TM, PRACT 60LD, PRACT 60LDTM, SMK WP60, SMK RP60, ILL60;
  • 81 mm Mortar Bombs HE81, HE 81LD, TB81, PRACT 81, PRACT 81TM, PRACT 81LD, PRACT 81LDTM, SMK WP81, SMK RP81, ILL81;
  • 82 mm Mortar Bombs HE82, HE 82LD, TB82, PRACT 82, PRACT 82TM, PRACT 82LD, PRACT 82LDTM, SMK WP82, SMK RP82, ILL82;
  • 120 mm Mortar Bombs HE 120, PRACT 120, PRACT 120TM;
  • Hand Grenades: Offensive GHO-1,GHO-2; Defensive GHD-2; Thermobaric GHTB, Smoke GH SMK-R, GH SMK-O, GH SMK-W, GH SMK-G; Sound & Flash GH S&F-1-01, GH S&F-13;
  • Fuzes:
  • Point detonating, time and super quick, with check action and self- destruction AF41(FSQSD1), AF35(FSQSD3);
  • Point detonating, distance armed, self-destruction fuze with ejection charge AF42(FSD1), AF43(FSD2);
  • Point detonating with delay action, distance armed and self-destruction AF21(FDSD1), AF32(FDSD2),AF31(FDSD3), AF22(FDSD4); AF33(FDSD5), AF44(FDSD6);
  • Point detonating, super quick and distance armed fuze AF61(FPDSQ1), AF62(FPDSQ2), AF63(FPDSQ3), AF64(M52-B3); AF-66, AF-67;
  • Point detonating, super quick and check action, self-destruction AF71(FTM1);
  • Piezoelectric  fuze AF73(PF-71), AF74(PF-91);
  • Fuzes for hand grenade: distance fuze AF11(FD-1), AF13(FD-2) and igniting delay AF14(FID-1)
  • Percussion primers for all small arms and artillery ammunition calibres
  • Powders: for small arms cartridges, for artillery ammunition, for mortar ammunition charges, for ammunition for recoilless system, for grenade launcher ammunition; single-base flame reducing powders, for hunting cartridges for smooth shotguns
  • Charges: for Rocket engines, mortar bombs, artillery ammunition, grenade launcher ammunition.

6.3. Pyrotechnic military products

7. Civil production:

  • Universal Milling Machines - FU 251M / FU 321M / FU 401
  • Universal-Vertical Milling Machines - FUV 321M / FUV 401
  • Vertical Milling Machines - FV 321M / FV 401
  • Vertical Milling Heads - VFG 281, VFG 323
  • Universal Milling Heads – UFG 285, UFG 325
  • Universal Indexing Device – UDA 130, UDA 170
  • Split - Design Tool Holding Systems
  • Solid Tool Holding Systems
  • Milling Cutters
  • Cemented Carbide Inserts
  • Cemented Carbide Tips
  • Cemented Carbide Special Tools
  • Hunting Powders "Sokol", "Mars", "Magia"
  • Nitrocellulose for Lacquer Production
  • Nitrocellulose for Dynamite Production
  • Kolloxoline for Lacquer Production
  • Corrosion - Resistant Coating" Avtokor"
  • Collodion
  • Sport Pistols – different types and ammunition
  • 5.56х45 mm Self-loading Hunting Carbines - SLR-100
  • 7.62х39 mm Self-loading Hunting Carbines - SLR-100, SLR-95, SLR–96, SLR-97 Lux, SLR-101
  • Hunting Cartridges: cal. 12, 16 and .410
  • 5,6 mm Sport Cartridges /. 22 LR/
  • Construction Items 6,8x11 and 6,8x18 mm for "Hilti" Device
  • Primers for Hunting Cartridges: type "Gevelot" and "Winchester"
  • Detonating Primers
  • Signal Pyrotechnic Products: 26mm Signal Cartridges, 30mm Jet Signal and Illuminating Cartridges, 40 mm Jet Cartridges for Gas Alert
  • 16,5mm Signal Cartridges for Pen-type Launcher
  • 15mm Flares
  • Star Bombs: 120mm, 200mm, 310mm
  • Gas-Signalling Launcher
  • Isodinit; Nitrolong

I. Machining of rotary parts
/for that machining we use machines produced by the  following  companys:
YAMAZAKI  MAZAK-Japan, GFM-Austria, SIG-Austria, etc./

1. Turning of parts with dia. up to Æ400 mm and length L=6000 mm.
2. Machining on CNC Lathe of parts with dia. up to Æ350 mm and length L=1500 mm.
3. Machining on Vertical Lathe of parts with dia. up to Æ1600 mm and length L=1500 mm.
4. Deep hole drilling of parts with hole dia. from Æ3 mm up to Æ120 mm and length from L=500 mm to L=6000 mm.
5. Boring: hole dia. from Æ75 mm up to Æ200 mm at length up to L=6000 mm.
6. Honing: hole dia. from Æ20 mm up to Æ220 mm at length up to L=7000 mm.
7. Grinding of rotary parts with dia. up to Æ350 mm at length up to L=1500 mm.
8. Machining by cold forging on horizontal forging machines from dia. Æ15 mm up to Æ100mm at length from L=250 mm up to L=2700 mm.
9. Electrochemical machining of holes: from dia. Æ5 mm up to dia. Æ60 mm at length from L=450 mm up to L=2000mm.

II. Machining of prismatic parts

/for that machining we use machines produced by the following companyes:

1. Machining on Machining Centers

1.1. Horizontal Machining Centers - parts with dimensions up to 3000х1600х1200 mm.
1.2. Vertical Machining Centers - parts with dimensions up to 2000х750х1500 mm.
2. Machining on Flat-surface Grinding Machines - parts with dimensions up to 1800х5000х1500 mm – one machine.
3. Machining on Boring Machines - parts with dimensions up to 1250х1600х900 mm.

III. Heat treatment

1. Heat treatment of steel parts with dia. up to Æ800 mm, length up to L=3000 mm and weight up to 200 kg.
2. Heat treatment of non-ferrous metal parts.


IV. Manufacturing of plastic parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics by:

1. Pressing with effort up to 160 t.

2. Machining by cutting (small-scale production)

V. Chemical and electrochemical plating

1. Chemical Plating
-   Chemical oxidation of steel parts with dia. up to Ø120 mm and length up to
L=1000 mm;

  • Phosphatization and varnishing of steel parts with dia. up to Ø150 mm and length up to L=800 mm;
  • Passivation of parts:
    • Parts from aluminium and aluminium alloys with dia. up to Ø 40 mm and length up to L=40 mm;
    • Parts from copper and copper alloys with dia. up to Ø 40 mm and length up to L=40 mm;

2. Electroplating
-    Chromium plating of inner and outer surfaces of steel parts with dia. up to   Ø 200 mm and length up to L=700 mm for inner surfaces and L=1500 mm for outer surfaces ;

  • Zinc plating with colour and colourless passivation of parts with dia. up to  Ø 40 mm and length up to L=160 mm;
  • Cadmium plating with colour and colourless passivation of parts with dia. up to Ø 40 mm and length up to L=160 mm;
  • Tinning plating of steel parts and parts from copper and alloys with dia. up to  Ø 30 mm and length up to
    L=60 mm;
  • Electrochemical oxidation of parts from aluminium and aluminium alloys with colourless or chromate passivation - dia. up to Ø 40 mm and length up to L=100 mm.


VI. Casting and die forging manufacturing capacity

1. Production of castings from grey cast iron – weight up to 2000kg and dimensions up to 1600x900x600 mm.
2. Production of die forging:
2.1. On eccentric press from 0,05 kg to 1,5 kg.
2.2. On air-steam hammers from 2 kg to 120 kg.
2.3. On horizontal forging machine with dia. up to Ø 180 mm.
3. Investment castings
Investment castings of parts from carbon steel as well as from alloyed steel with weight from 0,005 kg to 5 kg and dimensions up to 220 kg, accuracy to size- from 0,5 mm to 0,2mm and surface roughness Ra 12,5.


VII. Production of tooling

1. Cutting tools – drills, countersinks, reamers, milling cutters, broaches (except involute spline broaches) from rapid steel as well as from hard alloy.
2. Press tools, stamps, press moulds and special fixtures. The specific of our facilities enables the manufacturing of tools mainly of medium and small dimensions up to 500 mm.
3. Measuring tools – special gauges and all type of measuring tools.
4. Special tooling for the production of cartridges, cases, primers, bullets, detonators, etc.
5. Hard alloys and cemented carbide inserts.

We are in possession of modern machines for tool production as follows:

  • Grinding Machines – produced by STUDER and KELENBERGER,
  • Optical Grinding Machines including machines with CN Control,
  • CNC Milling Machines – produced by MIKRON, FEHLMANN, ACIERA, DECKEL, etc.,
  • Wire Electro-spark Machines and Penetration Electro-spark Machines – produced by AGIE and CHARMILLES, and
  • Tool Grinding Machines – produced by WALTER and JÜNGNER.

Arsenal JSCo. is officially licensed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for trade in Military Equipment.
As an export company possessing wide trade experience, ARSENAL JSCo. manufactures high quality  and competitive products. More than 80% of the production is exported all over the world.
The detailed information about the full range of ARSENAL JSCo.
production can be found at:






Nikolay Ibushev
General Director