Mortar Bombs

120 mm PRACT 120

Mortar Bombs

120 mm Mortar Bomb PRACT 120 

NSN: 1315-50-001-2548

The 120 mm PRACT 120 is ideal for training purposes. It has an inert load and its flight ballistics are identical to those of the high explosive version.

Weapon compatibility:
PRACT 120 can be fired from the following 120 mm Mortars M-38, M-43, 2B11 and 2S12-Sani.

Caliber,mm 120
Body material Cast iron
Weight, kg  
- mortar bomb 16
- mortar bomb without fuze, ignition
cartridge and increment charges
Weight of inert charge, kg 1.36
Weight of fuze, kg 0.533
Length, mm 
- overall 674
- unfuzed 600
Fuze AF69 or Inert Fuze
Max aver. Pressure, (crusher) MPa (kgf/cm2) 101 (1030)
Max Range, m 5850
Muzzle Velocity at 6th charge, m/s 274
  Rounds Fuzes
  2 pcs. unfuzed Mortar bombs + 2 pcs. Ignition cartridges
(packed in a cardboard box) + 8 pcs. Increment charges
(packed in two cardboard boxes, each one containing
4 pcs. Increment charges) arranged in a wooden case
84 pcs. Fuzes in three airtight
metal boxes (each one
contains 28 fuzes),
packed in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 945x345x230 875x398x206
Wooden case weight, kg 50 65
Wooden case volume, m3 0.075 0.072
Class of explosion hazard 1.3C, UN 0417