Artillery Rounds


Artillery Rounds

30x165 mm Round AP-T with Armour-Piercing Tracer Projectile


The Rounds are used to defeat manpower, ground unarmored and light armored vehicles, enemy manpower and air targets.
The Rounds are compatible with 30 mm GSh-30, GSh-30K, GSh-6-30 and GSh-301 automatic guns installed on Su-25, Su-27, Yak-141, MiG-29 aircraft and Mi-24P helicopters, and others.


Caliber, mm 30x165
Projectile type Armour Piercing Tracer
Round length, mm from 281.99 to 285.44
Round weight, g 844 approx.
Projectile weight, g 400 approx.
Electric primer cartridge EKV-30M
Tracer burning time, s not less than 3.5
Average muzzle velocity, V0aver , m/s
  • barrel length 1500 mm
  • barrel length 2400 mm



Average max Pressure
at 15°C Pmaxaver , Mpa
not more than 318.7
Propellant type 6/7fl
Case material Steel (zinc plated)
Penetration* 20
Operational temperature range, °C from minus 50 to 50                        
CLASS OF EXPLOSION HAZARD                                      1.2C; UN 0328       
* The rounds provide the Penetration 20 mm of the armour plate placed
at distance 1000 m, at angle of impact 60° NATO, at aircraft velocity 200m/s.
18 Rounds in one airtight metal box, three metal boxes
( 54 pcs. totally ) in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Gross weight, kg 65
Volume, m3 0.072