Artillery Rounds


Artillery Rounds

30x165 mm Round HEI with High-Explosive Incendiary Projectile


30x165 mm Rounds HEI-T with High-Explosive Incendiary Tracer Projectile


30x165 mm Round HE-T with High-Explosive Tracer Projectile


The Rounds are used to defeat man power, air and ground unarmored and light armoured targets, and enemy manpower.

The Rounds are compatible with automatic guns 2A38, 2A42, 2A72, mounted on Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BMD-3, BTR-80A; Reconnaissance Vehicle "RIS"; Air-Defence Complex "€žTunguska"€œ; Attack Helicopters Ka-50, Mi-28 and Mi-24P.

Calibre, mm 30x165 30x165 30x165
Projectile type



Incendiary with Tracer
with Tracer
Round length, mm from 289.45 to 292.84 from 289.45 to 292.84 from 288.45 to 291.84
Round weight , g 842 approx. 842 approx. 835 approx.
Projectile weight, g 389 approx. 387 approx. 385 approx.
Primer KV-3-1 KV-3-1 KV-3-1
Tracer burning time, s - not less than 1.5 not less than 9
Explosive filling type A-IX-2 A-IX-2 A-IX-2
Explosive filling weight, g 48.5 43.5 11.5
Fuze type AF32 AF32 AF32
Fuze arming distance, m from 20 to 100 from 20 to 100 from 20 to 100
Self-destruction time, s from 7.5 to 15.5 from 7.5 to 15.5 from 7.5 to 15.5
Average muzzle velocity, V0aver, m/s 960 960 960
Average max Pressure at 15 °C Pmax.aver., Mpa not more than 353.04 not more than 353.04 not more than 353.04
Propellant type 6/7 P-5 BPfl 6/7 P-5 BPfl 6/7 P-5 BPfl

Case material

Steel (zinc plated) Steel (zinc plated) Steel (zinc plated)

Operational temperature range, °C

from minus 50 to 50

from minus 50 to 50

from minus 50 to 50
CLASS OF EXPLOSION HAZARD:                                            1.1E; UN 0006                                               
18 Rounds in one airtight metal box,  
three metal boxes (54 pcs. totally) in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Gross weight, kg 65
Volume, m3 0.072