Artillery Rounds


Artillery Rounds

30x165 mm Rounds Inert
and TP with Target Practice


30x165 mm Rounds HE-T Inert



The Rounds are compatible with automatic guns 2A38, 2A42, 2A72, mounted on Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BMD-3, BTR-80A; Reconnaissance Vehicle "RIS"; Air-Defence Complex "€žTunguska"€œ; Attack Helicopters Ka-50, Mi-28 and Mi-24P.

The Round are intended for training purposes.

Calibre, mm 30x165 30x165
Projectile type Target Practice -
Round length, mm from 289.45 to 292.84 from 288.45 to 291.84
Round weight , g 842 approx. 835 approx.
Projectile weight, g 389 approx. 385 approx.
Primer KV-3-1 KV-3-1
Tracer burning time, s - Not less than 9
Fuze type Ballistic cup Ballistic cup
Average muzzle velocity, Voaver , m/s 960 960
Average max Pressure at 15 °C
Pmaxaver, Mpa
not more than 353.04 not more than 353.04
Propellant type 6/7 P-5 BPfl 6/7 P-5 BPfl
Case material Steel (zinc plated) Steel (zinc plated)
Operational temperature range, °C from minus 50 to 50 from minus 50 to 50
CLASS OF EXPLOSION HAZARD:                 1.2C; UN 0328                                      
18 Rounds in one airtight metal box,  
three metal boxes (54 pcs. totally) in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Gross weight, kg 65
Volume, m3 0.072