Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm MSGL-L

Grenade Launchers

40x46 mm ARSENAL Multi-shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-L

NSN: 1010-50-001-3931


40x46 mm ARSENAL Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-L is a powerful, individual, semi-automatic weapon, designed to fire 40x46 mm Low Velocity Rounds.

It is a perfect weapon for the Army and Border Police for destruction of enemy’s manpower (single or group targets) in an open area, or in trenches and light shelters of field type, at distance up to 400 m, as well as for Law Enforcement and Special Police Units at the time of anti-riot or counter terrorist operations.

The weapon system characterizes with:

  • Revolver type Launcher – 6-round drum;
  • Construction that withstands to rough handling;
  • Chromium plated barrel bore, which enlarges the life of the weapon;
  • The metal surface finish ensures the corrosion resistance of the weapon, and makes the Launcher suitable for using in different climatic conditions – rain, snow, salt water and high temperatures;
  • Easy stripping, assembly and maintenance.


The Sighting System of the Grenade Launcher is a Mechanical sight equipped with range scale.


The Grenade Launcher is equipped with Picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913) on three sides:

  • at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, that provides easy attachment of mechanical or collimator sight, and additional accessories;
  • at the 6 o'clock position for attachment of front grip or front grip with integrated bipod.


The Launcher has a Manual Safety that secures the safety handling of the weapon.


The overall length of the Round fired from MSGL-L should be not more than 140 mm

Calibre, mm 40x46
Ammunition, mm All types 40x46 mm low velocity
grenades with length up to 140 mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s not less than 75
Fire mode discontinued, single shots
Max. range of fire, m up to 400
Effective range at area targets, m up to 350
Effective range at single targets, m 150
Rate of fire, rounds/min Six rounds in three seconds-depend on shooter skills
Practical rate of fire, rounds/ min not less than 12
Barrel length, mm 170
Chamber length, mm 140
Weapon length, mm  
- with extended butt 727
- with folded butt 551
Weapon height, mm
- with extended butt
- with folded butt

Weapon width, mm 162
Weight of unloaded launcher, kg 6.0
System life, rounds 6000
Bag for the launcher, pc. 1 Sling, pc. 1
Bag for 12 rounds, pc. 1 Set of spare parts, tools and accessories (SPTA) for 5 launchers, set 1
Brush, pc. 1 Oil can 1
Cleaning rod, pc. 1 Box with accessories: drift, screwdriver
Number of launchers in one wooden case, pcs. 5
Wooden case dimensions, mm 1380x530x387
Wooden case gross weight, kg 76
Wooden case volume, m3 0.28