Rounds for Grenade Launchers

40 mm RLV-HEDP

Rounds for Grenade Launchers

40 mm Round RLV-HEDP with High-Explosive Dual Purpose Grenade

NSN: 1310-50-001-5961


The Round RLV-HEDP is intended to destroy enemy manpower in the open, in transport means and light-armoured materials, as well as in long-term emplacements, long-term camouflaged emplacements, bunkers, dugouts and buildings.

The Rounds are compatible with:

 - ARSENAL UBGL, UBGL-1, GP-25 and GP-30 Underbarrel Grenade launchers mounted on ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M1, AR-M1F, AR-M7F, AR-M9, AR-M9F, etc.; as well a

- AK-74, AKS-74, AKM, AKMS, AK 101, AK 103, etc.;

-  AVALANCHE Grenade Launcher- revolver type.

Type Low velocity, High-Explosive Dual Purpose
Calibre, mm 40
Overall length, mm 107 max
Weight of the round, kg 0.275 max
Max firing range, m 400
Muzzle velocity, m/s 76
Explosive filling A-IX-1
Propellant P-200
Primer type KVM-3
Fuze type AF413 - point detonation, time and super quick with check action and self-destruction
Arming distance, m from 10 to 40
Self-destruction time, s from 14 to 19
Radius of defeat, m not less than 6
Armour penetration 50 mm armour plate
Operation temperature degrees, °C from minus 50 to 50
3 metal airtight boxes (34 pcs. in each box), placed in a wooden case (102 pcs. totally)
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Case weight, kg 45
Case volume, m3 0.072