Assault Rifles

5.56x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm AR-M52F

Assault Rifles

5.56x45 mm  ARSENAL Assault Rifle AR-M52F small-size with folding butt

NSN: 1005-50-001-7760

7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifle AR-M52F small-size with folding butt

NSN: 1005-50-001-4215

The 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm AR-M52F are highly effective automatic weapon, used as armament of army troops, reconnoitring detachments, special antiterrorist and police forces, and security services.

Main Features:
  • Hot-die hammer forged and milled receiver, bolt, bolt carrier and double-hook trigger for increased durability and service life;
  • Cold radial hammer forged barrel built on Steyr manufacturing technology for increased hardness and better structure of the material;
  • Hard chrome plated barrel bore and chamber;
  • FRP (fiber-glass reinforced polycaproamide) pistol grip, handguards and magazine - heat/cold resistant with antiglare matte finish;
  • MIL-STD (1913) Picatinny rails integrated on three sides of the lower handguard (at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions);
  • MIL-STD (1913) Picatinny rail with 195 mm length over the receiver to accommodate any variety of scopes;
  • Ambidextrous Safety Lever for rapid fire mode change;
  • Self-illuminated Tritium sights for faster target acquisition at low-light conditions (optional);
  • Right-side folding tubular steel enforced buttstock with a quick release/lock mechanism;
  • Provision for attachment of 40x46mm ARSENAL UBGL-M6 and UBGL-M8, 40mm ARSENAL UBGL-1 Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, and firing with them.
  • 3-round burst fire mode.
Optional Extras (Paid Separately):
  • 20/30-round translucent polymer magazine (for 5.56x45 mm);
  • Black polymer magazines for 40 cartridges (for 7.62x39 mm);
  • Front sight adjusting kit (in the ratio 1:10);
  • Set for magazines coupling;
  • Blank fire attachment;
  • Knife scissors;
  • Front hand grip;
  • Silencer.
Calibre, mm 5.56 7.62
Cartridge, mm 5.56x45 7.62x39
Fire mode single, automatic,
3 round burst
single, automatic,
3 round burst
Rate of fire, rounds/min 600 600
Practical rate    
 - automatic fire, rounds/min up to 100 up to 100
 - single fire, rounds/min up to 40 up to 40
Muzzle velocity, m/s   650
-bullet M193 880 -
-bullet type SS109 830 -
Sighting range, m

up to  500 up to  500
Maximum firing range, m 1100 1100
Effective firing range, m 400 300
Magazine capacity, rounds 30 30
Barrel length, mm 320 320
Sight radius, mm 278 278
Overall length, mm    
- with extended butt  885  885
- with retracted butt 630 630
Weight, kg    
- rifle without magazine 3.9 3.9
- loaded magazine, kg 0.58 0.72
Principle of function gas operated automatic rifle gas operated automatic rifle
System life, rounds 15 000 15 000

Cleaning rod and cleaning rod extender

Cleaning rod extender

Multi-purpose carrying sling


Box with accessories (brush, drift, slush brush, screwdriver, scourer)

Magazine  4 pcs

5.56x45 mm

7.62x39 mm

Bag for 4 magazines

Oil can

Number of rifles in one wooden case, pcs. 10
Case dimensions, mm 1 380 x 572x 387
Gross Weight of the wooden case, kg 93
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.31