Assault Rifles

5.56x45 and 7.62x39 mm AR-M9

Assault Rifles

5.56x45 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M9
NSN: 1005-50-000-0410

7.62x39 mm ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M9
NSN: 1005-50-000-1859

The 5.56 mm AR-M9 and 7.62 mm AR-M9 are highly effective automatic weapons, used as armament of army troops, reconnoitring detachments, special antiterrorist and police forces, and security services.

Main Features:
  • Receiver, made from hot die forged solid blank followed by milling operations;
  • Chromium plated Barrel, manufactured by the method of cold radial forging, providing bigger hardness and better structure of the
  • Arcuated staggered Magazine, manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide;
  • Lower hand guard, Upper hand guard, Butt, and Pistol grip, made from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide;
  • Tritium Self-illuminated Night Sight (3-dot sight system) - extra, used for quick target acquisition at low-light conditions;
  • Rail on the receiver, on which via a Sight Carrier with a Picatinny rail, different kinds of Sighting Devices can be attached;
  • Fixed plastic butt;
  • Additional left fire mode Selector Lever, for rapid fire mode changing and for convenience of left-handed shooters.

The Assault Rifle design allows the attachment of 40x46mm ARSENAL UBGL-M6 and UBGL-M8, 40mm ARSENAL UBGL or GP-25 KASTYOR Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, and firing with them.

Optional Extras (Paid Separately):
  • 20-rounds translucent polymer magazine(for 5.56x45 mm);
  • 30-round black polymer magazine (for 5.56x45 mm);
  • black polymer magazines for 5,10 and 40 cartridges (for 7.62x39 mm)
  • front sight adjusting kit (in the ratio 1:10);
  • set for magazines coupling;
  • blank fire attachment;
  • knife scissors;
  • operation sling.
  • silencer



Calibre, mm 5.56 7.62
Cartridge, mm 5.56 x 45 7.62 x 39
Fire mode single and automatic single and automatic
Rate of fire, rounds/min 600 600

Practical rate, rounds/min

- automatic fire

- single fire


up to 100

up to 40


up to 100

up to 40

Muzzle velocity, m/s

- bullet type M 193

- bullet type SS 109








Sighting range, m up to 800 up to 800
Maximum firing range, m 1350 1350
Effective firing range, m 500 400
Magazine capacity, rounds 30 30
Barrel length, mm 415 415
Sight radius, mm 370 370
Overall length, mm 985 985

Weight, kg:

- rifle without magazine

- loaded magazine







System life, rounds 15 000 15 000
Principle of function gas operated gas operated

Cleaning rod Sling
Box with accessories
(brush, drift, slush brush (cal. 5.56) / scourer (cal. 7.62), screwdriver)

Magazine - 4 pcs.

5.56x45 mm

7.62x39 mm

Bag for magazines
Oil can

Number of rifles in one wooden case 10
Case dimensions, mm 1270x573x387
Gross Weight of the wooden case, kg 83
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.28