Mortar Bombs

60 mm PRACT 60C

Mortar Bombs

60mm Mortar Bomb PRACT 60C

NSN: 1310-50-001-5963


The Mortar Bomb PRACT 60C is intended to be used with any type of smooth bore 60 mm Mortars of NATO Standard – such as COMMANDO Mortar M60CMA, M60MA, M2 and M19, BRANDT model 35, Tampella, Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt Commando, M-57, M6H and M6C Hirtenberger, etc.


PRACT 60C is used for training purposes, its flight ballistic is identical to those of the high explosive version.

Thanks to its streamlined hull design and well-calculated and shaped stabilizer blade, the 60 mm PRACT 60C reaches a range of 2 347 m, which is among the longest and most accurate ranges known for this type of ammunition.


This Mortar Bomb is fuzed with Inert fuze.

60 mm PRACT 60C
Body material Steel, pre-fragmented, plastic coated
Length of fuzed, mm 250
Weight fuzed, kg 1.050
Weight of Inert charge, kg 0.200
Highest Max Pressure, bar (piezo) 290 (0+2)
Operating Temperature Range, °C from minus 40 to 50
BALLISTIC DATA (with 640 mm barrel Commando)  
Maximum Pressure, bar (piezo) 250 (0+2)
Muzzle velocity, m/s 203 (0+2)
Max Range, m 2347 (0+2)

Version 1

One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 2 pcs. increment charges is packed in a plastic airtight container;

24 pcs. containers are arranged in a plastic airtight case.

Version 2

One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 2 pcs.
Increment charges is packed in a Plastic Container;

22 pcs. Containers are arranged in
a wooden case.

Plastic case dimensions, mm


Wooden case dimensions, mm 600x325x260

Plastic case weight, kg


Case weight, kg 35 max

Plastic case volume, m 3


Case volume, m3 0.051

Class of explosion hazard, UN Code

1.3C, UN 0417

Class of explosion hazard, UN Code

1.3C, 0417