Mortar Bombs

60 mm SMK 60CRP

Mortar Bombs

60 mm Mortar Bomb SMK 60CRP




  • Immediate creation of dense smoke screen;
  • Bigger smoke effect, compared to white phosphorous ammunition, due to 2.5 times bigger quantity of red phosphorous load;
  • Bigger density of the smoke screen, compared to white phosphorous ammunition
  • Provides igniting action.

This Mortar Bomb is fuzed

AF610 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type, muzzle safety distance 40 m).
AF622 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type) fuze.

The 60 mm Smoke Mortar Bomb SMK 60CRP can be fired from the following 60 mm Mortars of NATO Standard – such as the COMMANDO Mortar M60CMA, M2 and M19, BRANDT model 35, Tampella, Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt Commando, MO-60-63, 60 mm M-57, M6H and M6C Hirtenberger, etc., and designed for fighting uncovered enemy manpower, as well as unarmored means of transportation.

The 60 mm Smoke Mortar Bomb SMK 60CRP (Smoke Commando) is designed for marking objects, targets, creating a smoke screen in order to mask friendly units’ operations and is used for facilitation of the tactical deployment of friendly troops, as well as evading enemy fire. The smoke screen from the Bomb is also used for suppression of enemy surveillance and reconnaissance means, prevention from aimed fire.

Body material Aluminum alloy

Length of fuzed Mortar Bomb, mm 310 max
Flight  Weight of Mortar Bomb, kg 1.050 
Payload type Smoke composition SMK-1
(based on red phosphorous)
Weight of payload, SMK-1, kg 0.450
Time of smoke creation, s 5 max
Duration of smoke emission, s 40
Volume of smoke cloud, m 420
Arming distance, m³ 40(AF610)
Average Pressure, bar (piezo):    250(0+2)
Maximum Pressure, bar (piezo):    290(0+2)
Maximum Range, m    2321
Class of explosion hazard: 1.2E, UN 0015
One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 2 pcs. Increment charges is packed in a Plastic Container; 10 pcs. Containers are arranged in a wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm 420x400x216
Wooden case weight, kg 20
Wooden case volume, m3 0.036