Mortar Bombs

60 mm TB 60C

Mortar Bombs

60 mm Mortar Bomb TB 60C




–     The Mortar Bomb is intended for combined destruction, both by air-blast and thermal emission, of the following variety of targets:

  • enemy manpower and equipment located mainly in different types of shelters and enclosed spaces such as caves as well as in the open;
  • light armoured and unarmoured vehicles.

 - The body of the thermobaric mortar bomb contains bursting charge that on impact ignites and disperses the contents of the body which, as it burns, generates a rapidly forming high-pressure blast wave which neutralizes the target area.

–     A zone characterized with overpressure and intense heat is created in the area of hits.

–     The aluminum body is plastic coated which guarantees much safer handling and storage of the ammunition;

- The fin stabilizer is made of plastic for increasing the life of the tube of the Mortar weapon system.

The Mortar Bomb TB 60C (Thermobaric Commando) is used with any type of smooth bore 60 mm Mortars of NATO Standard – such as the COMMANDO Mortar M60CMA, M2 and M19, BRANDT model 35, Tampella, Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt Commando, MO-60-63, 60 mm M-57, M6H and M6C Hirtenberger, etc., and designed for fighting uncovered enemy manpower, as well as unarmored means of transportation.

This Mortar Bomb is fuzed

AF610 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type, muzzle safety distance 40 m).
AF622 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type) fuze.


Body material Aluminum alloy

Length of fuzed Mortar Bomb, mm 310
Weight fuzed, kg 1.150
Payload type Thermobaric composition TBC-2
Weight of payload TBC-2, kg 0.450 max
Highest Max Pressure, bar (piezo) 290 (0+2)
Fuze AF 610 arming distance, m

not less than 40

Operating Temperature Range, °C

from minus 40 to 50

BALLISTIC DATA(with 640 mm barrel Commando)
TB 60C
Muzzle velocity, m/s

195 (0+2)

Maximum Pressure, bar (piezo):    250 (0+2)
Maximum Range, m   

2 253 (0+2)

Class of explosion hazard: 1.2E, UN 0321
Version 1

One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 2 pcs. increment charges is packed in a plastic airtight container;

20 pcs. containers are arranged in a plastic airtight case.
Version 2

One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 2 pcs. Increment charges is packed in a Plastic Container;

10 pcs. Containers are arranged in a wooden case.

Plastic case dimensions, mm


Wooden case dimensions, mm 420x400x216

Plastic case weight, kg


Wooden case weight, kg 20

Plastic case volume, m 3


Wooden case volume, m3 0.036