Mortar Bombs

60 mm TB 60

Mortar Bombs

60 mm  Thermobaric Mortar Bombs TB 60 

NSN: 1310-50-001-2473

The Thermobaric Mortar Bombs TB60 are used for combined defeating, both by air-blast and thermal emission, of enemy manpower in urban areas, fortifications, transport means, and in the open.

Weapon compatibility:

60 mm Mortars of NATO Standard – M2 and M19; Commando M60CMA; M60MA; BRANDT model 35;  Tampella; Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt Commando; MO-60-63; 60 mm M-57, etc.

TB 60
Caliber, mm 60
Body material Aluminum alloys
Length of fuzed Morter Bomb, mm 472
Flight Weight of Mortar Bomb, kg 1.9
Payload Thermobaric composition
Fuze AF610
Arming distance, m 40
Maximum Pressure, bar (piezo) 
- 640 mm barrel Commando 290 (0+2)
- 640 mm barrel 500 (0+4)
- 1 000 mm barrel 650 (0+5)
Range, m 4058
Muzzle velocity, m/s 249
Full variable Propellant charge 0+5
Class of explosion hazard: 1.2E, UN 0321
TB 60
Type One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 5 pcs. Increment charges is packed in a Container; 11 pcs. Containers are arranged in a wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm 600x325x260
Case weight, kg 34
Case volume, m3 0.051

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