23x152 mm DS


23x152 mm ARSENAL Defence System DS

(automated & remote controlled)

NSN: 1090- 50-001-7894


23x152 mm ARSENAL Defence System DS is a powerful weapon mainly used for destruction of light armored targets and firing points within the range of 2000 m, and slow-flying air targets.

Main Features:

23x152 mm ARSENAL Defence System DS is designed to be operated on a truck type vehicle or on a prepared site stationary.

It consists of a 23x152 mm Cannon mounted on a carriage with electric drive on the axles and an electric trigger. The carriage is controlled by a computer system provided with main and backup power. Aiming is done through an optical sight.

Weapon feeding is performed by 50-round metal linked belt placed in a standard ammunition box for ZU-23.

The DS is provided with standard SPTA set.

Technical Data 23x152 mm DS

23x152 mm Rounds

API-T, HEI-T, etc.

Muzzle velocity, m/s 970
Fire mode Single, automatic, in bursts
Rate of fire (computer controlled), rounds/min: up to 1000
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min: 100
Maximum range of fire, m 2 000
Engagement section, degrees  
- traverse 270 (option 360)
- elevation from –10 to + 90
Accuracy to train the set angles, mrad 0.2
System life (Cannon with one Barrel), rounds 3 000
Ability of sustained fire without cooling of barrel, rounds at least 100
Overall dimensions, approx., mm  
- length 3 500
- width 2 000
- height 1 600
Weight of the system, approx., kg 900

OPTIONS (on customer`s request; paid separately):

  • Modification of the parameters for horizontal and vertical firing according to the Customer's instructions;
  • Remote control of the fire;
  • Conjunction to current coordinate systems;
  • Conjunction to command posts;
  • Conjunction to special radar system;
  • Receiving remotely of target coordinates and self-laying of the System;
  • Connecting a group of Systems in an anti-aircraft artillery battery with a single remote control, for group hitting a target or hitting a group of targets;

Spare barrel, ammunition boxes and belts


The ARSENAL Defence System DS allows storage in packaging developed by the manufacturer:

  • 5 years in closed warehouses with sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity;


  • 3 years in field conditions.
The ARSENAL Defence System DS can be transported by all modes of transport and in all weather conditions in the manufacturer's packaging.