82 mm Mortar M82MA


82 mm Mortar M82

 NSN: 1015-50-001-4408

The 82 mm Mortar M82MA is intended to destroy by curved-trajectory fire the enemy manpower in open, in light field shelters and trenches, as well in counter scarps.


Thanks to its high firing capacities, high accuracy and quick and easy operations, they are suitable for all types of combat, especially as indirect fire support for infantry, paratroops and armoured personnel carriers and for creating a smoke screen and terrain illumination.


All types of 82 mm mortar bombs can be fired from this mortar.

Optional Extras (Paid Separately):

Each Mortar is equipped with Mortar Sight and Individual SPTA set.

SPTA set:

Spare parts – firing pin; 2 pcs leather rings for the shock absorbers.

Tools – lever; carrier for cleaning rag; bent wrench for hexagon socket head screws SW 8 mm;

Accessories – muzzle cover; oil can; 2 pcs cleaning brush for the barrel, nylon and bronze; three-part wiper arm; connecting for wiper arm; bag for tools and accessories; bag for spare parts; bag for ammunition; 2 pairs of gloves; 3 pcs carrying frame with strapsл

Extras (paid separately): Control quadrant for Mortar KM-1; 2 pcs three-part aiming post; bag for aiming posts.

Calibre, mm 82
Barrel length, mm 1220
Base plate diameter, mm 596
- total, kg
- barrel with breech block, kg
- bipod, kg
- base plate, kg

53.2(with mortar Sight)

Mortar sight, kg 1.0
Elevating range of aiming, mils 700-1500
Traverse range of aiming, mils 300
Rate of fire, rounds/min  24(without Sight correction)
Max muzzle velocity, m/s 296
Max. operating gas pressure, bar 900
Gross weight, kg 133
Case dimension, mm 1735x830x445
Volume, m³ 0.64