Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/106 mm RSMK-7MA

Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/106 mm Round RSMK-7MA with Smoke Grenade GSMK-7MA


Main Features:

The 40/106 Round RSMK-7MA with Smoke Grenade GSMK-7MA is intended for

  • Marking targets;
  • Creation of smoke curtains for the needs of army action camouflage;
  • Creation of insufferable conditions in closed areas, igniting points of fire and emitting smoke that blinds enemy`s points of reconnaissance, surveillance and aimed fire.


Except smoke creation, the round due to the smoke composition, on the base of red phosphorous, provides incendiary effect.

The Round consists of Grenade GSMK-7MA and Propellant Charge CP-73. The Grenade consists of Front Smoke part SMK-7MA, Sustainer motor SM-71, and Point Detonating Fuze AF72.

Caliber, mm 40
Warhead calibre, mm 106
Weight of Round, kg 4.6 max
Weight of the grenade, kg 4.2
Max  sighting range, m
(SGL-7MA with adjustable drum scale)
1 200
Max direct fire range, m
(Optical scale of SGL-7MA)
 Muzzle velocity, m/s 70
Fire rate, shots/min             4÷6
Smoke colour white
Smoke composition type SMK-1(based on Red phosphorous)
Weight of smoke composition, kg 2.190
Time of smoke creation, s 5 max
Smoke Duration , s 90
Volume of smoke cloud, m3              128x103 min
Operation temperature range, oC

from minus 40 to 50
The Round consists:  
Fuze AF72 with super-quick and graze (anti-ricochet) function, independent of impact angle
Smoke Grenade GSMK-7MA
Sustaine Motor SM-71
Propellant Charge CP-73

Weapon System

ARSENAL ATGL-L2 and Russian RPG-7V Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers


6 Rounds are packed in a wooden case as follows:

  • - 6 Grenades GSMK-7MA (each one in airtight plastic bag)
  • - 6 Propellant Charges CP-73 (each one in a plastic container; each 3 pcs. plastic containers in an airtight plastic bag).
Dimensions, mm 895x481x325  
Weight, kg 50  
Volume, m3 0.14  


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