Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/60 mm RILL-7MA

Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/60 mm Round RILL-7MA with Illuminating Grenade GILL-7MA


Main Features:

The 40/60 mm Round RILL-7MA with illuminating Grenade GILL-7MA is intended for:

  • Illumination of the target area during night combat operations - for the purposes of reconnaissance and surveillance;
  • Pointing the target;
  • Provision of the firing with Anti-tank Guided Rocket System and direct firing Gun;
  • Blinding of electronic optical and firing means of the enemy positioned in the surveillance posts and for execution of other tactical actions on the battlefield.
    The Round consists of illuminating Grenade GILL-7MA and Propellant Charge CP-713.
    The Grenade consists of Front illuminating part ILL-7MA, Sustainer motor SM-71 and AF612/MTSQ DM93-2(Pyrotechnic time-and superquick fuze).
Caliber, mm 40
Warhead calibre, mm 60
Weight of Round, kg 3.200 max
Weight of Grenade GILL-7MA, kg 2.700 max
Maximum range, m 1 700
Muzzle velocity, m/s 100
Height of flare ejection, m 250
Flare light intensity, cd 350 000
Burning time of flare, s 35
Rate of illuminating system descent, m/s 4-5
Operation temperature range, °C from minus 40 to 50
Weapon Systems 40 mm ARSENAL ATGL-L2 and Russian RPG-7V Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers.

6 Rounds are packed in a wooden case as follows:

  • 6 Grenades GILL-7MA (each one in airtight plastic bag)
  • 6 Propellant Charges CP-713 (each one in a plastic container; each 3 pcs. plastic containers in an airtight plastic bag).
Dimensions, mm 895x481x275   
Weight, kg  40  
Volume, m3 0.118  


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