Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/73 mm RHEF-7MA

Rounds for Light Anti-tank Recoilless Systems

40/73 mm Round RHEF-7MA with High-Explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel Grenade GHEF-7MA



Improved, modernized version of High-Explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel Rounds for RPG-7V

Main Features:

The 40/73 mm Rounds RHEF-7MA  are  designed for destroying enemy troops and fire means in the
open, in trenches, in hasty field shelters or brick-wall fortifications, as well as against hostile unarmoured motorized vehicles and the infantry.


  • The Grenade body with pre-fragmented elements;
  • RHEF-7MA-over 1100 fragments, in weight 1.0...2.0 g
  • Point-detonating fuze AF76 or AF72 with super-quick and graze (anti-ricochet) function, independent of impact angle;
  • High-explosive incendiary action (at the customer's request).
Caliber, mm 40
Warhead calibre, mm 73
Max range, m 1 200
Direct fire range, m 150
Weight of the round, kg 4.600 max
Weight of the grenade, kg 4.200 max
Muzzle velocity, m/s 70
Type of the explosive charge A-IX-1 (RDX)
Weight of the explosive charge, kg 0.800 max
Fragmentation-prefabricated lethal fragments in weight 1.0...2.0 g, pcs over 1 100
Fire rate, shots/min 4-6
Operational temperature range, oC from minus 40 to 50
The Round consists:
Fuze AF76 with super-quick and graze (anti-ricochet) function, independent of impact angle
High-explosive Fragmentation Grenade GHEF-7MA
Sustainer Motor SM-71
Propellant Charge CP-73

Weapon Systems

40 mm ARSENAL ATGL-L2 and Russian RPG-7V Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers.


  • 6 Rounds are packed in a wooden case as follows:
  • 6 Grenades GHEF-7MA (each one in airtight plastic bag) &
  • 6 Propellant Charges CP-73 (each one in a plastic container; each 3 pcs. plastic containers in an airtight plastic bag).

Wooden case:

Dimensions, mm                          895x481x275             

Weight, kg                                       50
Volume, m3                                               0.118

1.1F, UN 0292

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