Unguided Aviation Rockets


Unguided Aviation Rockets

 80 mm Unguided Aviation Rocket ARS-8KOM

NSN: 1340-50-001-2400

Main Features:

The 80 mm Unguided Aviation Rocket ARS-8KOM is of “air–to–ground” type, designed to be fired from the B8, B8M, B8M-1, B8-V20-A, B-8V7 and B-8S7 rocket pods carried on aircraft and helicopters of the front-line and army aviation, is intended for destruction of:               

  • Armoured ground targets – tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and machinery, etc.;
  • Unarmoured ground targets – radiolocation stations, rocket launching units, soft-skinned combat materiel on the ground, etc., and
  • Enemy manpower.
Type: Unguided Aviation Rocket with hollow-charge and fragmentation warhead
Caliber, mm 80
Rocket overall length, mm 1542 max
Weight, kg:

- Rocket total weight, kg:

- Warhead (without the cup)

- Explosive

11.5 max

3.65 max

1.0 max
Muzzle velocity, m/s 55 ÷ 75
Maximum velocity, m/s 600
Armour penetration, mm  400
Casualty fragments of weight 3 g, pcs. about 400
Time of Rocket engine operation, s

0.45 min at 60⁰C
1.3 max at minus 60⁰C

Rocket firing range, m 1300 ÷ 4000
Probable deviation of the technical circular dispersion in the picture plane upon fire:
-With aircraft flying at speed 600 ... 1200 km/h, mrad ≤ 3
-With helicopter flying at speed 200 ... 300 km/h, mrad ≤8
Fuze Piezoelectric, AF 82
Operational temperature range, °C from minus 60 to 60

Shelf life

15 years, if stored in storeroom conditions, in the original non-opened packing of the Manufacturer, strictly observing all handling and storage instructions of the Manufacturer.


Four (4) Rounds per wooden case

Wooden case dimensions, mm 1675 x 315 x 290
Wooden case volume, m3 0.153

Gross weight, kg: