138 years of history

"ARSENAL" Ltd. is a modern infrastructural plant specialized in machine-building and the production of small arms and artillery systems, ammunition, powders, primers, pyrotechnic products, hard- alloy tools etc. Its history dates back to the beginning of 1878 when, by Decree of prince Dondukov in Rousse was established a special factory for the needs of the newly created Bulgarian army - Artillery Arsenal of Rousse.At the beginning of 1891, by Decree No 10 of prince Ferdinand the factory was transferred in Sofia and so was established the Sofia Artillery Arsenal with General Stefan Belov as chief.

In 1924 by the Decree of tzar Boris the III and by law adopted by the XXI Regular National Assembly, due to strategic reasons the factory was moved to Kazanlak under the name of State Military Factory.

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2018(11-15) June, Paris, France