Sub-Machine Guns

9x18 mm and 9x19 mm SHIPKA SMG

Sub-Machine Guns


9x18 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine gun

NSN: 1005-50-000-0772

9x19 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine gun

NSN: 1005-50-000-0773

9x18 mm and 9x19 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine guns are individual blow-black self-loading automatic weapon designed to destroy the enemy manpower at close distances up to 150 m.

The SMG SHIPKA is suitable for usage by police departments, special forces fighting against organized crime, security forces, and special army forces.

Calibre, mm 9 9
Cartridge, mm 9x18 9x19 PARA
Rate of fire, rounds/min 600 ... 650 <700
Fire mode automatic automatic
Maximum effective firing range, m 300 350
Muzzle velocity, m/s 320 360
Sighting range, m 150 150
Magazine capacity, number of rounds 32 25
Sight radius, mm 230 230
Overall length, mm    
- with folded butt 338  360
- with extended butt 625  660
Weight without magazine, kg 2.0 2.2
Weight of loaded magazine, kg 0.53 0.51
Principle of function blow-back / self-loading blow-back / self-loading
Resource, rounds 5000 5000
Option laser aimindicator and silencer laser aimindicator
Box with individual SPTA set (drift, screwdriver) Bag for magazines
Carrier for pistol Strap
Cleaning rod

2 pcs. Magazines


20 pistols in a wooden case                 With Silencer        Without Silencer
                                                                                9x18 mm                      9x19 mm

Case dimensions, mm                       1380x530x387          1380x530x387        1380x530x387     
Gross weight of case, kg                          102                             96                                    98
 Net weight, kg                                           44                                 38                                       40
Volume of case, m3                                  0.3                                0.3                                     0.3


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