Artillery Rounds


Artillery Rounds

23x152 mm Round FAPDS-T Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot with Tracer

The Rounds are compatible with 23 mm ADS, ADS-N,  ZU-23-2, ZU-23-2F and ZSU-23-4
and intended to defeat air targets, ground unarmored and light armored vehicles and manpower.

Caliber 23x152
Projectile type Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding
Sabot with Tracer
Round length, mm 236 max
Round weight, g 410 approx.
Projectile weight, g 143 approx.
Primer KV No3
Tracer burning time, s, not less than 2.1
Average muzzle velocity, V0aver, m/s 1100±20
Average max Pressure at 15oC, Pmaxaver, MPa not more than 284

Penetration of the armour plate,
at angle 45° NATO:
(armour plate: RHA-ARMOX 370S)

- at distance 200 m-30 mm
- at distance 1 000 m-28 mm
- at distance 2 000 m-21 mm
Propellant type                           NC single base
Case material                                            Steel
 CLASS OF EXPLOSION HAZARD                             1.2C; UN 0328
Operational temperature range, °C                      from minus 50 to 50
28 Rounds in one airtight metal box, three metal boxes ( 84 pcs. totally ) in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206                         
Gross weight, kg 51
Volume, m3                              0.072                                  


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