23x152 mm ADS-N


23x152 mm  Air Defence System ADS-N (for Navy)

NSN : 1005-50-000-7416

ADS-N is a powerful weapons, intended for destruction of air targets within the range of 2500 m at height 1500 m, light armored sea targets and shore firing points within the range of 2000 m, as well as for destruction of enemy manpower at open or behind the light shelters.

Main Features:
  • Possess high tactical characteristics necessary for fighting against targets of opportunity and high speed targets;
  • Equipped with Anti-Aircraft Automatic Sight ZAP-23, Optical Ground Sight T-3 and KV-L collimator;
  • Crew of the System - 5 persons.
Number x calibre of automatic guns, mm 2x23
Ammunition, mm 23x152
Rate of fire, rounds/min from 1600 to 2000
Muzzle velocity of projectile, m/s 970
Effective range, m  
- traverse 2000
- elevation 1500
- slant 2500
Combat ammunition load, pcs 100
Aiming speed, deg/s  
- traverse 30/60
- elevation 40
Engagement section, degrees  
- horizontal 360
- vertical from -10 to +90
Overall dimensions in combat position, mm  
- length 3700
- height 1650
- width 1900
Weight of the system with covers, loaded
ammunition boxes and SPTA set, kg
2 pcs spare barrels 
Sights: ZAP-23 , T-3 and KV-L collimator 
14 pcs ammunition boxes 
Barrel cooling basin 
SPTA set 
Overall protection cover 
2 pcs covers for the flush hiders 
Cover for the sight 
2 pcs ammunition preservation cases
1. Case for two barrels and one gun, pcs 2
- Case dimensions, mm 2135x385x336
- Case gross weight, kg 150
2. Ammunition preservation case with 6 pcs. boxes each 2
- Case dimensions, mm 1000x620x620
- Case gross weight, kg 150
3. Case for barrel cooling basin, pc 1
- Case dimensions, mm 2360x510x255
- Case gross weight, kg 50
4. Case with 630 belt links, pc 1
- Case dimensions, mm 1126x310x342
- Case gross weight, kg 55
5.Case for SPTA set, pc 1
- Case dimensions, mm 802x490x275
- Case gross weight, kg 50
6.Weight of the mount with cover on the palette, kg 830
- Palette dimensions, mm 3100x2000x1800