Machine Guns

7.62x54 mm MG-1МV

Machine Guns

 7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Guns MG-1MV

NSN: 1005-50-001-4062


 7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Guns MG-1MV (for Vehicles) are powerful automatic weapons, designed to be mounted on any type of vehicle: jeeps, trucks, etc., and intended for destroying manpower, lightly-armoured and air targets of the enemy by means of automatic fire.

Main Features:
  • Chromium plated Barrel, manufactured by the method of cold radial forging, has increased cooling surface.
  • Butt and Pistol grip, made of high quality and resistant glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide.
  • Feeding by 200-round metal belt, put in a box.

Extras (Paid Separately):

  • Blank firing attachment - set (bushing & frame);
  • Rail for sighting devices.
MG-1MV   cal. 7.62x54
Calibre, mm 7.62 Ammunition box capacity, rounds 200
Cartridge, mm 7.62x54 Barrel length, mm 605
Fire mode Automatic Sight radius, mm 663
Rate of fire, rounds/min 650 Overall length, mm 1160
Practical rate, rounds/min 250 Weight without ammunition box, kg 9.0
Muzzle velocity, m/s 825 Weight of loaded ammunition box with loaded 200 round metal belt, kg 6.5
Maximum firing range, m 3800    
Maximum effective firing range, m 1000 System life, rounds 28 000
Sighting range, m 1500 Principle of function Gas operated
Second barrel Extracting device for split cartridge cases
Bag with spare parts consisting of: Cleaning rod
- Firing pin; Sling
- Extractor; Canvas cover for Machine Gun and Cradle
- Extractor spring; Bag for second barrel
- Extractor axle; Bag for machine gun
- Pin of the Extractor axle. 4 pcs. metal belt for 200 cartridges
Box with accessories 4 pcs. ammunition box for metal belt for 200 cartridges
cal. 7.62x54
Number of machine guns in one wooden case 1
Case dimensions, mm 1330x525x350
Gross weight of the wooden case, kg 72
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.25


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