Machine Guns

7.62x54 mm MG

Machine Guns

7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Gun MG


7.62x54 mm ARSENAL Machine Gun MG is a powerful automatic weapon, used as armament against enemy troops and firing points.

Main Features:
  • Chromium plated Barrel, manufactured by the method of cold radial forging.
  • Butt and Pistol grip, made of high quality and resistant glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide, not effected after heating by direct sun lights, corrosion and humidity resistance, light and firm.
  • Feeding by 100- or 200-round metal belt, put in a box.
  • The MG can be easily mounted on Arsenal Tripod TAR-MG, that provides precision and efficient fire at air and ground targets.
Optional Extras (Paid Separately):
  • Blank firing attachment - set (bushing & frame) ;
  • Rail for sighting devices.
Calibre, mm 7.62 Barrel length, mm 605
Cartridge, mm 7.62x54 Sight radius, mm 663
Fire mode Automatic Overall length, mm 1192
Rate of fire, rounds/min 600...700 Weight without ammunition box, kg 9.1
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min 250 max Weight of loaded ammunition box, kg  
Muzzle velocity, m/s 825 - box with belt of 100 3.9
Sighting range, m 1500 - box with belt of 200 6.5
Maximum firing range, m 3800 System life, rounds 25 000
Maximum effective firing range, m 1000 Principle of function gas operated
Ammunition box capacity, number of rounds 100/200   automatic machine gun
Second barrel Sling
Bag for spare parts consisting of: Oil can 
- Firing pin;  Cleaning rod 
- Extractor;  2 pcs. metal belt for 200 cartridges 
- Extractor`s spring;  2 pcs. box with belt for 200 cartridges 
-Extractor`s axle;  2 pcs. metal belt for 100 cartridges 
- Pin of the Extractor`s axle.  2 pcs. box with belt for 100 cartridges 
Box with accessories Bag for machine gun
Extracting device for split cartridges cases Bag for second barrel
Number of machine guns in one wooden case 2
Case dimensions, mm 1330x525x350
Gross weight of the wooden case, kg 72
Volume of the wooden case, m3 0.25


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